About Uji

About Uji

The Charm of Uji, Kyoto

Uji is steeped in history and its beauty has been enhanced in the course of thousands of years by historical treasures such as the Ujikami Shrine and the Byodo-in temple.

Uji's path through history is long and prominent. Sometimes it appers as the theater of wars, sometimes as a center of culture.

The city and its legacy from ages past will let you experience the history and the culture of the land of the rising sun. Breathe in the perfume of the old times and step right into the past.

In addition to its immense historial value, Uji also offers the chance to visit places related to Japanese literature. You can experience the Tale of Genji or a traditional tea ceremony, or visit recreational places such as the Taiyogaoka Park or the Amagase Forest Park. Every kind of delight can be tasted in Uji.